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"Se non hai mai pianto, i tuoi occhi non possono essere belli."
If you haven’t cried, your eyes can’t be beautiful.

Sophia Loren


She is an Actress, Writer, Director, and now since her first festival, The Cutting Room International Short Film Festival in New York City was so successful, it became an IMDB Award Festival in its first year, and also Top 100 Film Festivals in the world. With that, she is taking on her second, directing, Venus Italian International Film Festival, in Las Vegas, Nevada, a branch of the AOF Film Festival Megafest. In 2018 she was named 1st Woman of AOF Festival and holds the permanent title in the AOF Family.

Kathrina Miccio is a native New Yorker, being 1st generation Italian, her heart is in Sorrento coast of Italy. 

She a proud member of SAG since 2000. In 2017 Kathrina wrote, starred in, and made her film directing debut in her 1st episodic comedy, and now 16 x Award Winner “ST. JOSEPH”. She plays the lead, Donna Adamo. Her career spans over 20 years, and was recently cast in American Gunslingers, director Andre' Joseph, Multi-Award winning screenplay, now turned film, "Letters to Daniel", director Melissa Goodman, and sci-fi thriller, Mixxers, director Caster Fagan. You can also see her in theTV series, BIRR playing opposite Sean Young, and The Fifth Borough with Vincent Pastore. She also had a recurring part on The Sopranos, where she met James Gandolfini, and who supported her career wholeheartedly. Kathrina also starred in the Off-Broadway play, Imagine, The Theater for the New City, NY. 

She is a renowned Portrait Artist. She is a graduate of Wagner College with a BA in Fine Arts and Theater, where she began her desire to act. 

Kathrina is a Breast Cancer survivor, and her intention is to pay it forward, and to inspire women to become more independent, stronger and create through all obstacles that life may bring.



Filmmaker, director, actress, dancer, choreographer, musician, music composer, singer, audio and video editor, photographer, graphic designer, webmaster, certified ThetaHealer®.

Always passionate about all kinds of art (but also about science, technology and what goes beyond the visible reality), she dedicated her whole life to dance (almost all styles), music (playing, composing and singing), artistic and artisanal creations.

She worked in some famous TV shows, such as "Domenica in..." and "Acqua Calda" and in theatres, discos and clubs stages as a dancer, singer, keyboard player, as a solo artist, with her band “Alex Show” and with other singers, such as Franco Califano (often involved also in choreography, scene costumes, music arrangements and soundtrack composer).  She also had experiences as a sound engineer and lighting designer assistant.
As a musician, arranger and music programmer, she collaborated with some music recording studios and with midi files and mobile ringtones companies.
Then, walking by technology development, she began to work on graphics and photo processing, audio and video editing, multimedia creations and websites.

But it was only when she began to make her own films, that she found the best, most exciting way to express her creativity, to communicate a message and to bring life to “something”, merging all the things that she can do and that she loves to do.
In 2017 her music video “X-Waltz” was selected by The Hollywood Dreamz International Film Festival and won the Best Music Video Award! This unexpected and gratifying experience and the encouragement from the Festival owners Del and Theresa Weston, gave her a boost to produce new works, “Back Home Late” and “TangoX”, that are collecting
much recognition! Now she’s working on an exciting and crazy project: the TV Series “X-World”.


Has produced over 500 episodes of aired Television for shows that have aired on NBC, ESPN II and for stations around the country via PEG Media. 

In addition, she has line produced eight feature films.
Most notably, Theresa is the Festival Director of the Action On Film International Film Festival.

For over a decade and a half, she has been manning the helm of this large, successful event which hosts guests, films, events,music and filmmakers from all over the world. The Festival is one of the most successful film festivals in the world as well as one of the Best Reviewed Festivals of All Time. 

The nuts and bolts of any successful film begin with the breakdown of any project to its base elements of Script Breakdown, Budget, Schedules, SAG Paperwork, Incentives, Permits, Travel Schedules, Props, contracts and agreements and any other number of elements from deliverables to payroll. Theresa makes sure that there is an easy transition from pre-production through the distribution of the film.

Alessandra Guarino