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The Film and Story Festival is focused towards film, story and scripts which are created by, about and for the understanding of the wonderful contributions of  Italian Films, Stories, Directors and Actors.

Venus Italian International Film Festival, directed by Kathrina Miccio and Alessandra Guarino, seeks to honor any and all films, scripts, stories and productions that feature work by Italians, Italian Americans and Italians of every culture, which include producers, directors, actors and performers


From the Directors of AOF Megafest  Del Weston and Theresa Coscarelli Weston, came this incredible concept and purpose to create an Italian International Film Festival, to showcase the unique Italian culture and to include it in their Big Event, that will take place from July 25 to August 3, 2019, in Las Vegas.


During our 3 Day Event, we will showcase films, scripts, music and food, all of which is focused on the cultural Italian experience in the film industry.


We are accepting submissions for Feature, Short, Documentary, Music Video and Scripts, focused on Italian, or Italian American talent, themes, culture, style, history or production. 

If you are an Italian writer, producer, filmmaker, director, cinematographer, actor, musician or if your film/script is Italy-related, we want to see/read your work. All Films and Scripts and genres created by the submitter in anytime period are welcome. Works in progress will be accepted too, but they must be completed by July 1, 2019. 


We offer a platform and a place to showcase, promote, sell and honor your work!


We're looking forward to showcasing your projects...

and hope to honor you for your unique work at the unforgettable Black Tie Awards Dinner Ceremony.


Venus Italian International Film Festival is an    IMDb     Festival!


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Kathrina Miccio - Alessandra Guarino